CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed

CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed

CGIWrap encountered an error while attempting to execute this script:

Error Message: No such file or directory
Error Number: 2
This message usually indicates there is a problem with the script itself. Often this indicates either that the #! line of the script is incorrect, or the script was uploaded in binary mode instead of ascii mode. Check to make sure that the script does not have control-M's at the end of every line. That will prevent it from executing. An easy fix that takes care of this most of the time is to put '#!/.../perl --' instead of '#!/.../perl' on the first line of the script. This is typically a problem if the script was edited or uploaded from a DOS/Windows/Macintosh station to a unix based server.

If you are not the owner of this script, please forward this error and the URL that caused it to the script owner. That is often the component in the URL right after /cgiwrap/.

Server Data:

Server Administrator/Contact:
Server Name:
Server Port: 80
Server Protocol: INCLUDED
Virtual Host:

Request Data:

User Agent/Browser: CCBot/2.0 (
Request Method: GET
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 59580

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