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Think you can stump Henry with a question about a major sport at a professional level? Let's see what you can come up with. Want to match wits, see if you could answer the questions below!
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:::::::::::::: stumph :::::::::::::: (Chris) asks:
Now that Baltimore has stopped their 14-year straight losing seasons streak, what is the next longest (Kansas City?)

other than of course, Pittsburgh's current 19-in-a-row?

Yes, KC hasn't had a winning season since 2003. (Kevin Brolan) asks:
Was referred to you by Tony Mazzarella at Ring 8. There was a benefit boxing show for Barney Ross in Sunnyside Gardens in 1966. I attended but don't recall the date. Many boxing stars attended. Barney spoke to the crowd over an audio hookup. Do you know who may have records of these shows in 1966? Thank you.

Here's an article on the event:,3006746

Here's a few more articles:,2890404,4559928

Here's the results of all the fights.

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