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This Week's New Items!

ItemWhere found
Now you can get a "pay as you use it" robot from Fusion Creations
Keep your siblings out of your room with this "Private Property" sign from 7 Deadly Sims
Be sure to get your Bay window from Loonacy Sims
Be sure to get your beautiful Chinese bedroom set while they are on sale at Xuan Sims
This pillar has a candle in it's recess! Perfect for a castle! Get yours from The Sims Times
Be sure to check out all the great new objects available from S and M Builders
The Contemporary set continues to grow at Dincer Hepguler TheSims Site
Tired of visitors using your toilets for free?! Now you can make them pay! Get your pay toilet from Simslice
Get a leg up with this ladder from Mega Sims
These lamps are sure to light up your life! Get your lamps (reduced to half price) at Sims Interior Designs

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Cool/New Skins!

ItemWhere found
Be sure to check out the new skins at Xuan Sims
Go out in style with this designer dress found at S and M Builders

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New Houses, Downtown Areas, and Vacation Spots

ItemWhere found
Spend your next vacation at this lovely Island Valley Retreat. Book your reservations at Chariss's Little Sim Page
Tudy Victoria is ready for any hot date! It's located downtown, next to The Sims Times
You know you have been playing The Sims too much when you dream about houses like Stuart! Get your dream home from The Sims Times
The house that Jean Built is something you'll just have to see to believe! Check it out at S and M Builders

Sims Choice Award

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