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Lots of great new items today! Be sure to get them all!!

Sims Choice Award

This Week's New Items!

ItemWhere found
Especially for their 1 year anniversary, Livin' It Up has had a big update! Be sure to visit Livin' It Up
Tired of looking at the same old rosebush? Get your color change bush from Simslice
Be sure to check out the new contemporary set that has begun at Dincer Hepguler TheSims Site
Now you can ride your horse into the sunset! Get your horse from The Sims Resource
Be sure to check out this beautiful African living room set found at Xuan Sims
Now you can carry home a case of sodas from COD4SIMS
Lots of new items are available at WorldSims
Get your beautiful yellow porch swing from Loonacy

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Cool/New Skins!

ItemWhere found
Be sure to check out the new faces at EdenStyle
Care to run a boarding school? Now you can require uniforms from Xuan Sims
Who ever said you had to be human? Time to try a dragon's life! Get your dragon skin from The Sims Resource
Be sure to check out the great skins and heads at Livin' It Up

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Featured Web Page Chariss's Little Sim Page

Congratulations to Chariss's Little Sim Page on reaching their 2 year anniversary!!
ItemWhere found
Lots of great little dining tables can be found at Chariss's Little Sim Page
Take a walk in the park! Just go to Chariss's Little Sim Page
Be sure and have the Addams' Family visit your neighborhood! They are staying at Chariss's Little Sim Page
Relax with this Sunflower Set in your garden! Found at Chariss's Little Sim Page
Oriental Cuisine can be found at Dim Sims. Check it out at Chariss's Little Sim Page

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New Houses, Downtown Areas, and Vacation Spots

ItemWhere found
Next time you go downtown, be sure to visit the newly opened Crumplebottom Memorial Mall next to The Sims Resource
This small palace is perfect for the single person or a couple! Get yours from The Sims Resource
How often do you find a hot tub in the middle of a pool?! What a great way to relax before and after a swim! Get your new home from Xuan Sims
Relax in your new home constructed by Livin' It Up

Sims Choice Award

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